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TFMR Resources

On this page you will find a plethora of resources for termination of a desired pregnancy for medical reasons. Everything from resources for the birth, to grief, and honoring your little one.

Birth Resources

Resources to make your angel's birth go as smoothly as possible.

Remembrance Ideas

We had a team of people at the hospital creating keepsakes for us. It was amazing. These are our favorite items that we look at all the time.

Death Resources

There are so many things that happen after a child dies. This is a list of resources to make dealing with the process go more smoothly.

Ways to Honor Your Angel

These resources are ideas of ways to honor your special angel.

Talking to Other People About Your Angel

Talking to other people about a child that died can be difficult. Difficult for us, and difficult for them. It is even harder to talk about the choice to terminate. Here, you'll find my experiences with this.

I'll say this... not every situation is different, and not every person is worthy of my time to explain. There are times I do and times I don't. It 100% depends on how important the person I'm talking to is to me...


Everything grief related will be posted here. My grief roller coaster, and any grief resources I find.

Resources about Specific Diagnoses

As I come into contact with useful resources regarded specific conditions that our sweet babies are diagnosed with, I plan to post them here.

Induction and  D&E Information

Here you will find a variety of resources and stories about inductions and D&E's as you make your choice for your path.

Prolife vs Prochoice

Just a few posts to consider and share with friends and family as you go down this journey. Unfortunately, there are politics involved. Many just don't understand. My hope is that these posts can just help others wrap their heads around our "choice".

Genetic Carriers

I wanted a special section dedicated to the genetic carriers, because my goodness how hard it is for you all to keep enduring such pain.