Friends and Family

Thank you so much for being here. As a friend or family of someone that is considering termination of a desired pregnancy for medical reasons, you play an important role.

The fact that you are here, shows what an incredible support system you are and will be to your loved one. So thank you.

This is a lonely and isolating decision to come through, and it is so hard to go through.

We get through it, but it is so incredibly helpful to have support from people like you.

Friends & Family of Parents that Are Considering Termination for Medical Reasons

Here you will find ways to help support your loved one through this difficult time.

Terminating a desired pregnancy for medical reasons is the hardest thing I've ever been through.

The goal of this page is to help you help and support your loved one as best you can. And, even to possibly understand the decision better.

Thank you for being here.

Helpful Things to Say to Parents Going Through the Loss of a Baby

This is a list of things NOT to say, along with several helpful things to do and say for your loved one.

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On the Sideline of Grief

It is ok to feel grief if you are not directly impacted. It is important to be there for your friend/family member, however. Here are several ways you can be there while still experiencing the grief yourself.

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Helpful Things to Say & Do if Your Friend Has an Unborn Baby with a Terminal Condition

5 things to say and do DURING your friend's pregnancy, and 5 things to say and do after the pregnancy. This is a must read.

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Letters Written By Friends & Family

These are letters that friends and family have written to angels, and guest posts about their grief process. If you are interested in sharing your story as a friend or family member, please see this page.

The Girl Who Changed My Life: (A Note From Our Photographer)

A letter to April Rey from the photographer that dropped everything to come capture her short time on this earth.

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Leaving the Hospital With Empty Arms (A Note from My Mom)

A note from my mom about how we had to leave the hospital empty handed, without our sweet April Rey.

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Dear April Rey (A Letter from Auntie Maria & Uncle Adolfo)

This is a letter that April's auntie and uncle wrote for her. I hope this letter was healing for them to write, as it was such a wonderful tribute to our daughter.

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Useful Posts for Friends & Family to Read

These posts may be useful for friends and family of parents going through medical terminations to take a look at.

Pro-life or Pro-choice? Did April's Story Make You Change Your View? Think About New Circumstances?

I am not usually political at all. Unfortunately, everything about our decision to terminate for medical reasons is POLITICAL, however. I am genuinely curious how April's story has impacted other's views.

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When Our Daughter Was Given a Death Sentence, We Were Given a "Choice"

An explanation of our 4 choices- all would have a fatal outcome. Why we chose to induce early.

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I Knew I'd NEVER Get An Abortion, But Life Had Other Plans

Fast forward to my second pregnancy, and I again knew this fact about abortion to be truth.

Except this time something happened...

This time I found myself down a path that would terminate our daughter's life. My truth as I'd known it went out the window and I am now medically considered to have had an abortion.

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