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Baby V#3 Week 14 Update

rainbow baby week 14

I am 14 weeks pregnant and this little baby is the size of a lemon. We have some HUGE announcements this week.

We got the test results back from the first trimester screen (aka the nuchal translucency test), and the cell free DNA test.

Through the cell free DNA test, we also found out the sex of the baby and now know if it is a little Amelia or a little William!

So let me start with some history and what these tests mean to us:

First Trimester Screen: 

When I was pregnant with April, the ultrasound looked beautiful at this stage. We were told everything looked great.

Then the blood work came back.

It indicated a 1 in 77 chance of Down Syndrome. Since we had increased risk, we then did another test- the cell free DNA test.

Click here to read about–>  when we found out this news from the results of our nuchal translucency test for April’s pregnancy.

Cell Free DNA test: 

This test is noninvasive. It is a simple blood test that is very accurate, but only predictive, and not diagnostic. We were just looking for more information about our increased risk of Down Syndrome.

We weren’t expecting the devastating news, that April had a huge risk of trisomy 13 (click here to read about the cell free DNA test results from our pregnancy with April).

This test can also tell you with 99% accuracy the sex of the baby.

This time around, since we are high risk, after having a baby with trisomy 13, we ran both tests at the same time. We did the test on Wednesday, July 11th. It is expected to take a week for results.

As you can imagine I was waiting on pins and needles. When I was pregnant with April, these test results took longer than 1 week, and because of the delay I was getting concerned and knew something was wrong.

I knew if this took one day too long, I was at risk of freaking out!

Luckily for us, the test results came back extra fast.

I have no idea, but I’m guessing I have my doctor to thank for that. He put a rush on our amniocentesis results last pregnancy, and I wouldn’t put it past him to have rushed this test for us as well.

For whatever reason, these results came back Monday!! Not even a week later.

My heart just about stopped when I heard the words “This is ___ from Maryland Perinatal. I have your test results back.”

The nurse asked if I had time to discuss the results. “Yes, of course!”

She then explained that she had all of our results ready- the first trimester screen, and the cell free DNA.

“First of all,” she said, “everything looks great.”

I just started balling right then and there. All of the happy tears came out and all of my pent up worries and emotions just came out. I was beyond relieved and happy.

We then went through each of the tests and our risks, etc. Everything is NORMAL, NEGATIVE, and perfectly fine!

I called my husband at work, and then called family immediately- even the west coasters at 7 am their time! I cried through each phone call.

I knew I had to get out my news fast, since I was crying. I needed people to know that there was nothing wrong, and fast, so they didn’t worry. LOL

Everything is fine. We have a HEALTHY baby!

And then the nurse asked if I wanted to know the sex of the baby… um yes!

But before I tell everyone the news, let me give you an update on my symptoms, etc.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Pelvic Pain

I am having a decent amount of pulling and stretching and just general discomfort. My muscles are all sore, and I get sharp pains that I just have to wait out.


So this has actually gotten worse. I was really hoping that my symptoms would be getting better around this time and settling down. Instead of just being nauseous, I’m actually throwing up now! So, I’m really hoping this moves on soon!


OMG the fatigue is unreal. I was also hoping that it would start easing up around now. Around lunch time I am just done.

My arms and legs feel heavy, and I feel like I can hardly move. My brain is done for the day, and I feel so drained. I usually try and lay down. Naps just don’t happen for me though. I try!


I still want all of the good dinner food- all day long. I could care less about sweets like I did with Caroline and April. This pregnancy is all about the hearty stuff!


Still no strong aversions. I’m still shocked that I don’t mind the smell of sliced bread.

With my two girls it was to the point that I couldn’t have it in the house, or be near it in the grocery story. It was bad.

That was my first clue with this pregnancy at the very beginning…

The Sex of the Baby

Drum roll please…

If you’ve watched the video you already know… we are having a baby BOY!!!

We are so excited. I think emotionally, this will be healing to not have a little girl following April.

Joe is on cloud nine to have his little boy. We both thought we were going to have a boy for the first pregnancy, actually, so I’m thrilled we’re getting him now.

Caroline is disappointed. She’s sad. She made it very clear that she wanted a little girl.

She’s still excited, however, and not letting the disappointment completely ruin her baby excitement.

Not entirely sure how I feel about another penis around here, though. I know every mom probably thinks this, but I don’t know what to do with that! LOL

I know we’ll figure it out as we have everything else in this crazy thing called parenting.

William Reyes Villegas is going to be such a fabulous addition and probably close to our family. We never wanted more than 2 children, so this is most likely it… but now there’s this tiny pull to try again so I can use the name Amelia! haha

We’ve had the name William Reyes picked out since before I was pregnant with Caroline! We always make our middle names special. This one is after Joe. His middle name is Reyes as well.

William is a nice classic name that we both really like. We aren’t, however, fans of the shortened names associated with it… Will, Bill, or any other creative versions! We plan on calling him William and hope everyone does the same.