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Baby V#3 Week 30 Update

rainbow baby week 30

It’s been 8 weeks since I wrote my last pregnancy update! I am now 30 weeks pregnant with this rainbow baby, so I figured I was long overdue for a post…

In my last update, I had already been to labor and delivery to stop contractions.

I am really glad to be able to say that things calmed down for a long time.

Although, that being said, now that I’m in my third trimester, everything seems to be ramping up again…

30 Weeks Pregnant

So, since the last update, a lot has happened! We moved into our new house, got completely unpacked and settled in, and got a puppy.

Yes you read that right. At 30 weeks pregnant, I decided we should get an 8 week old puppy. I’m just a little crazy hahaha!

In my defense, I’ve known I wanted to get a puppy for a long time.

As we get closer to William’s due date, I started realizing that we needed to get the puppy before his arrival, or we’d end up waiting a long time.

Once William arrives, I knew there would be no way we’d be looking to add a puppy to our family any time soon. We’d wait at that point.

And so, our little puppy joined us now. 

Baby V#3 Week 30 Update

Certainly not ideal timing, as I’m not much help at night getting her outside to pee.

We also have a mud pit at the moment for a yard, due to the astronomical amounts of rain we’ve gotten this year.

During the day, I have to watch the puppy like a hawk and take two dogs out on leashes pretty frequently to house train the puppy.

But, all of that being said, I am so glad that our puppy (Copper) has joined our family. She’s perfect!

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 30


I thought my contractions were going to get worse with the move. I figured I needed to take it easy and be extra careful.

That was my plan because my body seemed to be in full on contraction mode, and it was waaaay too early.

As it turns out, moving into our house was the best thing that could have happened. 

My contractions disappeared!

I think my contractions were stress induced. I was completely stressed about our move. I didn’t have a set date on when we could move in.

All I knew was that we had to be out of our apartment by September 30th.

I couldn’t schedule movers.

I couldn’t finalize any plans. I was stressed, and didn’t know if we’d be able to move in by the 30th.

As soon as we got the go ahead, I made our plans and we got in this house as quickly as we could. 

I figured with packing, and lifting, and unpacking, and arranging, etc. my contractions might intensify. 

Turns out, my stress was completely relieved and my contractions went away. I felt GREAT.

And so, I unpacked and arranged the house, and did everything I wanted to do- because it felt so good, and my body was letting me!


Reflux has reared its ugly head again in this pregnancy.

I had it pretty bad with Caroline, and it was to the point that it was keeping me up at night. 

I was given the go ahead to take chewable Pepcid tablets, and as soon as I started, the reflux went away and I was back to sleeping!

So, I decided that, since it is once again keeping me up at night, it is worth taking the medicine this time around as well.

Once again, as soon as I started the medicine, the reflux eased up and I was sleeping pretty well again.


We’ve been monitoring me for cholestasis, since I had it with my first pregnancy.

The main symptom is itchy hands and feet.

I’ve had moments where my hands and feet are crazy itchy. So much so, I called and picked up the medicine that would help alleviate the symptoms.

It comes and goes, however. So… I haven’t taken the medicine. The medicine is just for me, and wouldn’t help William at all. 

As a result, I’m just letting this ride out. I don’t want to put medicine in my body that I don’t 100% need.

The itchiness is the worst at night, but not unbearable. 

There’s probably a high likelihood that I am induced at 37 weeks due to the symptoms, however. We’re keeping a close eye on it, since it’s such a high risk of stillbirth.

Antiphospholipid Syndrome

As of 24 weeks, I had to start doing the injections, for antiphospholipid syndrome, twice a day. 

The injections are super painful at times, and super easy other times. No rhyme or reason. 

It’s hard to do them first thing in the morning, but I’ve gotten used to it. It’s just a part of my routine now.

Looking forward to being done.

Click here to read all about antiphospholipid syndrome.


I’ve been having nightmares about giving birth.

While on Lovenox injections, you cannot have an epidural. It’s not safe.

As a result, they switch you to heparin when closer to delivery.

I keep having nightmares, that William makes his appearance super early and super fast- giving me no heads up to get off of Lovenox.

And, giving me no time to have an epidural (even if I was off of the Lovenox). 

Obviously, we’ll just see what happens, but for some reason I’m getting nervous about giving birth at this point!

Pain Levels

When I am up and moving, my pain is pretty good. I get horrible back aches that prompt me to lay down on a heating pad, however.

Once I’m resting, my pain is getting to be really bad.

My entire pelvis area feels like it’s ripping in half when I go to move. I can’t rollover easily, I can’t lift my legs, I can’t get out of bed. 

I’m also getting really sharp pains in my cervix. 

The doctors have been monitoring my cervix length, and so far all is good.

With my first pregnancy, as of 30 weeks, I was on bed rest for a short cervix. Hoping that doesn’t happen again!

Glucose Test

I had the glucose test done, and luckily all looked great with regards to my blood sugar.

Iron, however, came back on the low side. So, I am now taking iron and vitamin C supplements.


I honestly don’t even know what my emotions are anymore.

I know I’m ready for William’s arrival. I am ready for my pain to be gone. I am ready to no longer be pregnant. 

I am ready with his room. The cloth diapers are all washed. The newborn-3 month clothes are all washed and put away. 

We’re ready.

Emotionally… I don’t think I can prepare, though.

I know that I’m sad about April and miss her so much. I know that William’s arrival is going to be a reminder of losing April and hard in many ways.

I know that I’m not feeling ready to breastfeed again.

I know that I haven’t even looked at how William’s schedule is going to work with Caroline’s. 

I think I’m avoiding looking at all of these things until I have a live, healthy baby in my arms.

Morbid to many, I’m sure. But to moms that have lost a baby, they get it. There’s the uncertainty. And so I’m not letting myself get too excited yet.

My type A personality will win sooner or later, and start planning and prepping myself mentally. But for now, I am just focused on the finish line. 

My husband just wants William to get here already so that I am not in so much pain. 

And Caroline… well she wants William to be April

We are all struggling with something right now and ready to just be in our next chapter with William in our arms.