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Baby V#3 Week 9 Update

rainbow baby week 9

I am now 9 weeks pregnant! This squirmy little baby is now the size of a kumquat. 

Last week I went in to see our high risk specialist. I failed to adequately get out any of the things I wanted to say to him.

I wanted to say thank you. 

Thank you for directing us to Hopkins for our induction last pregnancy. Thank you for spending as much time with us as we needed, talking over all the details of April’s condition

Thank you for surrounding us with the right people that could make our experience as good as possible. Thank you.

None of that came out. 

Instead, after waiting for almost 2 hours, and dealing with a really super patient toddler that was finally starting to hit her tipping point and meltdown, and a full bladder that I was instructed to keep full… I just lost my words. 

It was no longer my focus. My focus was to get out of there, and to go to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, these appointments can involve a lot of wait time. Since the nurse had already done an ultrasound, I eventually made my way down the hall to check and see if I could use the restroom, or if I needed to wait for the doctor. 

They were super surprised that he hadn’t been in to see me yet, but told me to go ahead and go. The bathroom was occupied, of course. So we stood in the hallway and waited. 

Of course, then the doctor came to our room. He told me how great I looked and that I looked very healthy. We did some small talk in the hallway and I told him I’d use the restroom later and we could start the appointment. 

He insisted I go.

So, I took the opportunity! But oh my gosh… you know when your bladder is super full, and you are pregnant… it doesn’t come out as fast as you’d like? Yeah, it was taking forever. I didn’t want to make him wait, so I went just enough to relieve the urge to go. 

Later when he was doing another ultrasound, he noted that I still had a full bladder! I laughed and told him I didn’t want to make him wait too long. LOL Totally caught!

The baby was moving all over the place. She is suuuuch a little wiggle worm.

So the appointment was good and uneventful. He had the same plan that I was hoping for- to do no invasive testing, but to skip right to the cell free DNA test. All looks good so far, and I’ll do the cell free DNA test in 3 weeks.

3 weeks worked out to July 4th, and he’s only in this office on Wednesdays, so we had to push it to July 11th.

It was great to see him again and comforting to know he’s with us on this journey again.

I also had him recommend an OB in our new area. We talked about my high risk of having cholestasis again with this pregnancy.

ANY itchiness at all in my hands and feet, and he said he’s assuming cholestasis and inducing at 37 weeks.

Because of antiphospholipid syndrome, he’s got me on 1 injection of Lovenox per day. This will increase to 2 injections (morning and night) when I get to 24 weeks.

Pregnancy Symptoms


If I’m not moving I’m fine. If I move, there’s a chance of nausea. LOL For the most part, I’ve got it under control and have my meals all figured out to avoid being nauseous.

I’ve only thrown up twice with this pregnancy so far. Yay!


Fatigue has gotten a little better. I’m still feeling super drained, but it’s manageable. The TV is on a lot right now for Caroline, and I am 100% ok with that. 


Real food. At 9:30 am I want dinner. I want chili dogs. I want black bean tacos. I want a sub sandwich. I need the good stuff! 

Cereal is still my go to when nothing else is sounding good.

Firehouse subs may be my new heaven. Joe went out last night at 9 pm to get me a roast beef sandwich from there. Best husband ever. 


Again, not much in this area. A lot doesn’t sound great, but nothing completely turns me off. I’m just extra extra picky right now. 

Smells still aren’t bothering me which is really nice, because that’s been a struggle with my other two pregnancies. 


Each week that goes by, I feel better. I am still kind of in a neutral, blah zone right now… but I’m not constantly feeling sad. 

I think after we have news from our cell free DNA test, I’ll be able to really start embracing this pregnancy. 

We’ll also know the sex of the baby then, so I’ll be able to connect more by using the baby’s actual name. 


Caroline is 3.5 now. She is asking a lot of questions about the process.

She wants to know how the baby got inside of me.

She wants to know if Grandma and Papa will let her bring her orange blanky to the hospital. (Grandma and Papa I guess this means you are coming when the baby is due to arrive) LOL

She wants to know if she can put the baby in the crib all on her own.

She wants to know if I’ll be here in the morning, or if it’s time to go to the hospital yet.

She wants to know why it’s taking so long for the baby to get here.

She wants to know how the baby comes out. 

She wants to know if it hurts when the baby comes out.

She continues to ask if this baby is going to die. 🙁 

I give her all of the answers, as age appropriate as possible. She knows that boys have sperm, and girls have eggs. 

She knows that the sperm and egg have to come together to make a baby. She also knows that the vagina is the entry point and exit point. 

She asked if Daddy put the sperm inside of me. She didn’t ask how. 

I was ready though since it seemed like she was getting there. Soon she’ll ask and we’ll be as upfront with her as we always have been. 

I wasn’t expecting so many questions at 3.5 years old though! She’s so smart, I love seeing how she connects everything in her mind.

At this point, I think I’m hoping for a girl just so I don’t disappoint Caroline. She REALLY wants a girl. 

Clearly she’ll get over it if it’s a boy and love him just as much, but I’d love to make her happy and have it be a little Amelia!