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Children’s Book Series to be Published Soon- Grief of Losing a Sibling to TFMR

Children's book series grief of losing a sibling to tfmr

Hi everyone!

I know many of you already saw this information posted in the TFMR facebook group. I wanted to make sure it reached everyone, however, so I am sending it out via email as well.

I am writing a children’s book series to help walk our kids through the grief of losing a sibling to TFMR. The books will be published in the next 4-5 months. 

In the books I will have a dedication page that is in memory of our angels that were loved and lost too soon, and are forever in our memories and hearts. I’d love to list your baby’s name there along side April Rey’s. 

Here is a bit of information about the books:

There are 3 books in this series to help walk you and your child through this experience of grief and loss. We were SO grateful to have a couple of books about baby loss to read to Caroline when we lost April. It forced us to use the correct language that was otherwise difficult for us. Caroline was 2.5 at the time of her sister’s death, and she’s now 5. We STILL read these books.

The books that we read helped to really shape our language and make us comfortable talking to our daughter in the appropriate ways. They were the starting point for our wonderful discussions with our daughter and for our growth as parents leading our child through grief. The books we read were generic baby loss books and could be applied to any type of loss. The two books are “We Were Gonna Have a Baby, but We Had an Angel Instead,” by Pat Schwiebert, and “Something Happened,” by Cathy Blanford. I highly recommend both.

I really wanted to have a specific children’s series for parents walking the path of termination for medical reasons, however. I think there is a unique set of emotions that come with this experience, and I wanted a book to talk directly about it, without talking around the issue. As a result, I decided to write a children’s book series specifically written for parents and children going through the loss of a baby due to termination for medical reasons.

Book 1 is titled Our Baby is Going to Die. This book walks you through how to tell your child of the impending loss of their baby sibling. It walks you through how to tell your child in an effective way, and discusses many of the questions that might be running through your child’s mind.

This is a preview of the book 1 cover. It is almost through the illustration process, and the other’s are soon to follow!

Children's book series grief of losing a sibling to tfmr

Book 2 is titled Our Baby Died Today. There are actually two “book 2 options”- the first for the parents going through a D&E, and the second for the parents going through early induction and delivery. This book walks the child through what to expect in their grief during these specific moments.

Book 3 is titled Remembering Our Baby. This book is for after your baby has died. It walks you and your child through dealing with your grief after the fact, and ways to remember and honor your baby. 

Add your baby’s name to the dedication page by clicking here.

I am so honored that so many people were interested in adding their baby’s name to this page after gauging interest in the group. I hope we can honor as many baby’s as possible.  

Please stay safe in these trying times. Let me know if you have any questions.

By the way, the books are being published through Amazon, and should be available on all Amazon platforms across the world.